Here at NGS we aim to develop the promotion of healthier food choices and alternatives in Egypt, as well as strive to inspire bright, talented and motivated individuals to embark on a career path that offers personal, as well as professional exponential growth, emphasizing on individual and collective responsibility, a safe and diverse environment, and an overall inclusive, enriching experience.

Our Team works for the purpose of enriching lives through better eating habits and healthier life choices. Through the collective strive to success, we at NGS constantly seek innovative ways to inspire, motivate and ignite a vibrant work space for our team.

We truly believe that great, meaningful and enjoyable work is only crafted when you take ownership. The constant support and encouragement, as well as the energetic and buzzing vibe at the office will keep you continuously motivated, while having a great time at work.

NGS offers you the space for personal empowerment and growth in joining our team in leaving a healthier footprint on this world.


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