Anti Coughing Herbal Tea (Organic)

Anti Coughing Herbal Tea (Organic)

Anti Coughing Herbal Tea (Organic)
55.90 EGP
Product Description

Weight: 30g. - 20 tea bags


A real concentration of plants with sweet and hot flavors, soft cough is a real revelation for the winter and frost, and breathe. The force of nature and synergy of plants can be softened with lavender honey or reinforced with thyme honey, mountain, chestnut or eucalyptus. Combined with honey and lemon, 3 to 4 cups per day will be a real comfort.


Health benefits: 

Thyme, one of the ingredients, helps reduce blood pressure, stop coughing and boost immunity; 

Anise, is an excellent remedy for asthma, bronchitis cough as well as digestive disorders. 

Mallow is used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient treating irritation of oral and pharyngeal mucosa, as well as for dry cough.  







Thapsus Mullein


Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place


Ways to enjoy: 

You can brew 6 bags in a liter of cold water and drink it during the day. 


Country of Origin: FRANCE