Beef Escalope (Chemical Free- Frozen)

Beef Escalope (Chemical Free- Frozen)

Beef Escalope (Chemical Free- Frozen)
94.00 EGP
Product Description


Weight: 500g



NGS beef is proudly free range and grass fed chemical free meat.

Beef escalopes are thinner slices of lean meat.


Health Benefits:

·        Grass fed meat contains higher content of Omega-3 which is a vital nutrient for heart & brain functions

·        Meat is the best source of protein necessary for repairing & building body tissue and muscles.

·        Protein is also essential for production of antibodies, strengthening the immune system

·        Rich in iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins especially Vit. B



Delicate thin slices of meat used in easy & delectable recipes.



Increased consumption of red meats could cause gout, some cancers and heart diseases.



Keep frozen. Do not thaw and refreeze.


Origin: Egypt