Rib-Eye Steak (Chemical Free- Frozen)

Rib-Eye Steak (Chemical Free- Frozen)

Rib-Eye Steak (Chemical Free- Frozen)
98.00 EGP
Product Description

Weight: 500g



NGS beef is proudly free range and grass fed chemical free meat.

Rib eye steak is from the fore rib section of the cow making it very tender and flavorsome and one of the best steak cuts.


Health Benefits:

·        Grass fed meat contains higher content of Omega-3 which is a vital nutrient for heart & brain functions

·        Meat is the best source of protein necessary for repairing & building body tissue and muscles.

·        Protein is also essential for production of antibodies, strengthening the immune system

·        Rich in iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins especially Vit. B



Rib eye steak is delicious grilled and barbecued.



Increased consumption of red meats could cause gout, some cancers and heart diseases.



Keep frozen. Do not thaw and refreeze.


Origin: Egypt

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