Cherries (Imported)

Cherries (Imported)

Cherries (Imported)
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Product Description

weight: 250g


Wonderfully delicious, cherry fruit full of health­benefiting nutrients and unique antioxidants.

Cherries are native to Eastern Europe and Asia Minor regions. Dark Sweet cherries should have

relatively smooth skin with little to no bruising.


Health benefits:

䄏 They are a good source of fiber ­ One cup of cherries contains 3 grams of fiber, which can lower your cholesterol, help with digestion, and regulate blood sugar.

䄏 They are rich in antioxidants ­ One cup serving of cherries serves up approximately 4,873 total

antioxidants. Antioxidants are naturally found in some foods and can help protect cells from damaging oxidation and free radicals.

䄏 Flavonoids ­ Flavonoids are responsible for the beautiful colors we see in fruits and vegetables, and they share similar benefits with antioxidants in that they seek and destroy free radicals in the body.

䄏 Let’s not forget the Z’s ­ Dark Sweet cherries naturally contain the chemical melatonin, which like chamomile tea, calms brain neurons as well as the nervous system, and helps you sleep. Forbes Magazine even ranked cherries as the #1 food that helps you sleep.


Calorie count: 5 Cal. per one cherry­ 95 Cal per one cup



Ways to enjoy ­They are fabulous when pitted and blended for cherry smoothies But of course the best way to reap all the amazing health benefits that come from dark sweet cherries, is simply eating them fresh out of hand.


How to store

­Keep fresh cherries in the refrigerator.

­Whenever you wish to eat them, just rinse cherries in water to remove dirt and to bring them back to room temperature. Then, gently pat dry with soft cloth to remove moisture.

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