14.00 EGP
Product Description

Weight: 1 Kg

Description: Guavas are believed to have originated either in southern Mexico or Brazil and were favorites of the Aztec and Incas. These fruits are soft when ripe with sweet aroma that carries and a creamy texture. Guavas are eaten with their skin and their semi-hard seeds.


Health Benefits: 

Contains surprising amounts of protein

Can help prevent and alleviate colds and coughs due to it’s high vitamin c content

Rich in folate and vitamin A which are essential to a healthy pregnancy 


Calorie Count: 1 fruit (55 gms) contains 38 calories


Ways to enjoy: 

Add to your breakfast cereal

Make into a smoothie with your choice of milk and a squeeze of lemon

Cut in small chunks and mix with your salad


How to Store: Store in the refrigerator


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