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Weight: 500 g


 This popular fruit's history goes back as far as 8,000 years, when grape vines were first cultivated in what is now the Middle East. It may surprise you to hear that the humble grape is actually considered to be a berry. Seventy-two million tons of these berries are grown each year worldwide.


Health benefits

Power Up Your Weight Loss

Protect Your Heart: In research, resveratrol demonstrated the ability to improve the dilation of blood vessels, which may allow blood to flow more easily through blood vessels

Protect Your Skin from Cancer: Research also shows that resveratrol protects the skin from damaging UVB rays of the sun, thereby protecting it against skin cancer.

Supports Muscle Recovery: As a potent antioxidant, it supports the cells and organs in eliminating uric acid and other toxins from the body, supporting muscle recovery for athletes.


    Calorie Count: 3 Cal. per one grape


Ways to enjoy 

Grapes are a wonderful addition to any fruit salad. For an enhanced visual effect, consider using a few different varieties of grapes.

Give your curries a fruity punch by including fresh grapes in the recipe.

Add grapes to mixed green salads.

Grapes are great served with cheese as a snack or within a green salad.


How to store

  • Don't wash until just before eating
  • Keep in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator
  • For a refreshing snack during warmer months, remove stems from grapes and freeze



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