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Product Description

Weight: 1Kg


Description: Oranges are renowned for their vitamin C content and cold prevention properties. However, a long time ago, oranges were considered a delicacy, as they were very expensive and were to be consumed only on special occasions such as in christmas. 


Health Benefits: 

Drinking 1/2 to 1 litre of orange juice a day can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones

Orange peel may reduce cholesterol 

Is great for supporting the immune system and warding off colds

Orange-red carotenoid found in highest amounts in oranges can lower the risk of developing lung cancer


Calorie Count: 1 fruit (131 gms) contains 62 calories


Ways to enjoy:

Add the juice of half an orange to salad dressing to give it an instant lift


Make an orange beet salad: 




Olive oil

Orange juice



Roast beets in the oven until tender

Cut in slices and put in a bowl

Segment the oranges and add to the beets

Dress with orange juice, olive oil and salt 



How to Store: Can either be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator


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