Blueberries (Imported)

Blueberries (Imported)

Blueberries (Imported)
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 weight: 125 gm


Blueberries are not only popular, but also repeatedly ranked as having one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings.

Blueberries are super low in calories and extremely rich in nutrients. Blueberries have reached superstar status in terms of their unique health benefits. Most health research on blueberries involves their phytonutrient content.


Health benefits

Blueberry intake (usually in the amount of 1-2 cups per day and over the course of 1-3 months) has been shown to improve blood fat balances, including reduction in total cholesterol.

Improves eye sight 

Contains the highest antioxidant capacity in all fruits and vegetables-They protect our bodies from damage by free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage cellular structures and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer


Calorie count: 1 Cal. per one berry- 62 Cal per one cup 


Ways to enjoy blueberries

•       Blueberries pair nicely with lemon in desserts and are a popular addition to pancakes and muffins. When adding to batters, be sure to fold in gently to keep the blueberries whole.

•       Add frozen blueberries to your breakfast shake

•       Fresh blueberries add a colorful punch to cold breakfast cereals.

•       For a deliciously elegant dessert, layer yogurt and blueberries in wine glasses and top with crystallized ginger.


How to store

-        Don't wash berries until right before eating as washing will remove the bloom that protects the berries' skins from degradation.

-        Store ripe blueberries in a covered container in the refrigerator where they will keep for up to 3 days. If kept out at room temperature for more than a day, the berries may spoil

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