Rice Bran (Gluten Free)

Rice Bran (Gluten Free)

Rice Bran (Gluten Free)
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Product Description

With a high consumption of 1/5 of all calories consumed in the world, you may be surprised to find out that rice bran, the most nutritious aspect of rice, is usually discarded. Rice bran is one of four parts in a grain of rice. It is found just under the hull of the rice seed and contains all the natural minerals and nutrients needed for the plant to grow. 


Health Benefits: 

-End overeating- with the stomach filling in effect of Rice Bran

-Relieve constipation- giving your metabolism the slimming boost you need

-Healthier skin 

-Helps lower cholesterol because the oil it contains has substances that might decrease cholesterol absorption and increase cholesterol elimination. 

-Might decrease calcium absorption; this might help reduce the formation of certain types of kidney stones. 

-Contains antioxidants, vitamin E, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. 

-Rice bran serves as a natural source of phytosterols, which provide blood-sugar control & prostate health metabolism



Place in a pan without oil and heat for 2-3 minutes just until the point where you start to smell the fragrance of cooked rice bran. Be careful not to burn the rice bran. Properly prepared rice bran can be kept in the fridge for up to 10 days before it's time to make another batch.



Rice bran is safe for most people when taken by mouth. Increasing the amount of bran in the diet can cause unpredictable bowel movements, intestinal gas, and stomach discomfort during the first few weeks.



Store in a cool, dry place.


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