Noodle Miso Marvellous

Noodle Miso Marvellous

Noodle Miso Marvellous
75.00 EGP
Product Description

weight: 38.8g



Vegetables: dried cabbage, eggplant, shitake mushroom, green onion and carrot.


Kanten noodles: our latest addition to our low-calorie pasta; also called 'agar', kanten is a healthy sea vegetable fiber.


Miso Paste: a healthy staple of Japanese culture for thousands of years, Miracle Noodle uses only high-quality Miso Pasta.


·         Only 40 calories per serving! 

·         4 grams of fiber per serving 

·         Low in sugar (3 grams) 

·         Cholesterol-free 

·         Low-carb friendly (only 4 net grams) 

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