Raw Almonds (Shelled)

Raw Almonds (Shelled)

Raw Almonds (Shelled)
50.00 EGP
Product Description

Net weight per pack 205g

Almonds are considered to be the healthiest and most nutritious nuts of all.



Almond is a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium it also contains zinc, selenium, copper and niacin.


Health Benefits

Almonds help in development of the brain, and is considered as an essential food item in the diet of growing children. And reduce the incidence of birth defects with new born babies
Regular consumption of almonds is also very effective when it comes to controlling cholesterol levels and heart problems in general.
Almonds help in the prevention of cancer, as they are low in saturated fat.
They contain protective nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which assist strengthening of bones.
Almonds assist in controlling diabetes, by lowering blood sugar after meals.

Almonds provide essential anti-oxidants and help in the cleanup of the free-radicals in the body.


You can eat almonds directly or you can soak them in water before you eat them to make them softer, preferably eat them on an empty stomach to ensure absorption of their nutrients. Many mothers give almonds soaked in water to their children daily in the morning to help with their brain development.

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