Dill (Chemical Free)

Dill (Chemical Free)

Dill (Chemical Free)
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Product Description

Weight: 250g


Dill is a perennial herb with an aromatic anise-like flavor.

Fresh Dill is grown Chemical free and Pesticide free.

Health Benefits:

·        Fresh dill is rich with vital vitamins and oils including Vit. C, calcium,  and monoterpenes

·        Dill aids in digestion, eases stomach cramps and intestinal  excess gas; also relieves menstrual cramps

·        Antiseptic, antibacterial stimulating  the immune system against minor cuts and inflammations; and for treating bad breath

·        Good for insomnia and calming nerves

·        Essential oils in dill can be carcinogenic preventing cancer cell growth


Use as a fragrant compliment to fish, chicken or meat. Add to salads, yoghurt dips or marinades.

Infuse fresh dill in hot water and drink to relieve spasms.


Keep wrapped in damp kitchen paper in an airtight container in the refrigerator. 

Origin: Egypt