Dr. Shady Labib Kit

Dr. Shady Labib Kit

Dr. Shady Labib Kit
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Product Description

Dr Shady Labib Bundle items:


Coconut oil (organic) - for cooking 500 ml

Stevia 35g

Thin Multigrain Cakes

Protein bar with chocolate & peanut butter (60g)

Protein bar with coconut & blueberries (60g)

Flax Seeds - Egyptian (100g)

Balady bread (whole grain)    2 big loafs

NGS quinoa local (chemical free) 500g

Chocolate Peanut Butter (extra Protein) 350g


A note from Dr.Shady Labib:


"Welcome on board the whole foods team,


First let me congratulate you for taking this amazing step towards health.


Choosing to eat food in its original form will have a huge impact on how you look, feel and perform everyday.


A simple way to start this change is to commit to ONE daily habit that I like to call THE SWITCH. It goes like this:


"Today and at every time I will eat, I commit to switching from processed foods to whole foods"


The whole purpose of this habit is to make eating food that is closest to its original form an automatic and natural behavior. That's the way we are designed to function optimally.



This Nature's package contains a variety of whole natural foods that will get you started with this life changing habit. All what you need to do, is to be consistent with it



Dr.Shady Labib"