Yellow Lentil

Yellow Lentil

Yellow Lentil
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Product Description

Weight: 485g



Description: Lentils are a cultural favourite and main stay in some traditional dishes such as koshary and lentil soup. They are small but mighty. Rich in protein, iron and magnesium, lentils they are great additions to any dish.They are very versatile as well and can soak in the flavours wherever they’re added. 


Health Benefits: 

Among the highest foods rich in cholesterol lowering fibre

Improves heart health due to it’s significant amounts of folate and magnesium

They have blood sugar balancing properties. Fibre in lentils slows down the absorption of sugar into cells thus providing constant energy.

Lentils replenish iron stores, especially important for menstruating and pregnant women


Calorie Count: 1 cup (198 gms) contains 230 calories


Ways to enjoy:

Make lentil tacos for a meat-less option

Add to salads for a protein boost


How to Store: Store lentils in an airtight container in a dark cool spot