Kuvings Greek Yoghurt & Cheese Maker

Kuvings Greek Yoghurt & Cheese Maker

Kuvings Greek Yoghurt & Cheese Maker
3,850.00 EGP
Product Description


    Model              KGY-631SM

    Color              wihte

    Type               Greek Yogurt & Cheese Maker

    Wattage          44W

    Voltage            220V/60Hz

    Dimensions       180*180*200(mm)

    Weight             1kg

    Capacity           2L

    Materials          PP, PE, SAN, PP, PE, Tritan


Homemade fermented foods are getting closer to our lives!

Prepare some fresh ingredients and gently push this one button.

A healthier homemade naturally fermented food will be right there for you.


Kuvings Greek Yoghurt and Cheese Maker. This Made in Korea Machine is all you need to make all types of fermented food. 

Cheese, Greek Yoghurt, Vinegar, Enzymes syrup, Pickles etc



Greek Yogurt

A stronger taste than plain yogurt and hard texture like cream cheese “Greek Yogurt” is one of the world’s five healthiest foods. Place some fruits like blueberries or bananas on this hardened Greek Yogurt, or mix it with various sauces and baking dough to have a richer dish.

Greek Yogurt, low in calories and high in nutritive value.

Greek Yogurt, 2-3 times more concentrated and fermented than plain yogurt, is a high protein, low-calorie and conventional Greek fermented milk that contains approximately twice more protein and calcium than plain yogurt. It has a chewy texture like cream cheese which can be spread on pretzels and bagels.


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