Herbal Sweet Mint Tea (Organic)

Herbal Sweet Mint Tea (Organic)

Herbal Sweet Mint Tea (Organic)
52.50 EGP
Product Description

Weight: 30g. - 20 tea bags


Here is the queen of herbal teas. Harvested just before it flowers, preferably in the morning – this is the moment when its essential oils are richest – the spearmint is then dried shaded from the light in order to conserve all its properties. Your tea bag is judiciously dosed with freshly cut leaves to offer a rather soothing infusion without too much menthol.


Health benefits: 

Spearmint is used for relief of nausea, cold symptoms, stomach distress, headaches and indigestion.





Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.


Country of Origin: FRANCE


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