Alara ITG Date Cocoa (Organic)

Alara ITG Date Cocoa (Organic)

Alara ITG Date Cocoa (Organic)
156.00 EGP
Product Description

Weight: 750gm

Cocoa is one of the Super Foods very rich in antioxidants. It also is a remarkably good source of sulphur and magnesium, associated with beauty and mood enhancement. 

The distinctive chocolaty taste of cacao combined with the sweetness of dates, goodness of wholegrain flakes and nutritious seeds make this a delicious, crunchy, healthy breakfast.



Oat Flakes (24.3%), Kamut flakes (12.1%), Sultanas (12.1%), Crispy Barley Flakes (9.7%), Dates Chopped (9.7%), Buckwheat Raw (6.8%), Rye Flakes (6.8%), Sunflower Seeds (6.8%), Cacao Nibs (4.9%), Cashews (2.9%)
100% organically grown ingredients.

The oat and rye flakes are sourced locally from South East England.