Ginger (Grounded)

Ginger (Grounded)

Ginger (Grounded)
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Product Description

Description: Ginger is the underground rhizome, stem, of the ginger plant. This herb is very aromatic and spicy and adds a fresh zesty flavour to any dish. Originating from Southeast Asia, it is now being used the world oven for it’s culinary power as well as health improving properties.


Health Benefits: 

Ginger is effective in preventing symptoms of motion sickness

Reduces nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Offers relief of pain and swelling for arthritis patients

Protects against certain types of cancer

Boosts the immune system and can be especially helpful during times of colds and flus


Calorie Count: 1 tsp (2 gms) contains 7 calories


Ways to enjoy:

In asian stir-fries

Make into a hot tea with some lemon and raw honey to warm up or fight a nasty cold


How to Store: Store in an airtight container in a dark cool spot


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